tisdag 20 september 2011

Vee Speer - pictures in the flesh

Vee Speers har också visats på Fotografiska, då var det de nästan övernaturliga bilderna från serien "The Birthday Party". Hon är en för mig ganska okänd fotograf som jag inte upptäckt förrän de senaste åren. Hennes nästan drömlika pastelliga bilder är fascinerande, lekfulla och skrämmande. Här är hennes syn på det här med att ställa ut.

Why do you choose to exhibit your pictures?

- Being invited to share my work is always an honour, whether that be in a quality magazine or a personal blog. It creates a very positive energy.
Exhibiting the work is really the most powerful way to present it, however, as the audience gets to see it 'live' and in the flesh - well, as much as a photograph can be.
The paper I use always enhances the image, adding another dimension, whether it be pigement coated Fresson paper or cibachrome, so it is always better to see them exhibited.

- How do you plan an exhibition? Which are your thoughts regarding the room, number of pictures, printsizes, framing and so on?

- Firstly i ask to see a plan of the space, so I can decide on the size and number of the prints. I don't like to over-crowd in the images as i believe they need to 'breath'
I give high priority to the sequence, so that one image can lead to another and create a dialogue.

- Can you mention an exhibition that you have produced that you are extra pleased with and why?

- Recently i showed Bordello in Arles in a heritage building furnished to create the ambience of a 'boudoir' with velvet sofas and satin chairs. My photos looked like they belonged there as it was a perfect blend of imagery, architecture and decor.My exhibition with Fotografiska in Stockholm was probably the most exciting and impressive. The architecture of the building really complemented the starkness of the aesthetic of my work, and of course the lighting inside isolated each image leaving space for the audience to connect to the story and take time to reflect.

- When you see other photographers exhibitions, do you then think of what makes it so good except for the images? What in that case could that be?

- I think of the sequence as being important, and as with all good curating, there should be a logic to take us from one image to another, as is the case with most big museum shows.

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